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Sophie – Big Ass Big Farts


Sophie is doing the housework when she gets gassy.

Dressed in a sexy lingerie, she is on her knees cleaning the floor when she starts to feel full of gases. This lady, with a voluptuous appearance, with an ass that fills two hands and breasts that look like melons, starts releasing gazes with a strength equivalent to the size of that ass. Loves a big girl in stockings farting.

Uncomfortable, he lies down on the bed and stuffs a toy in that ass to help release the gases. The way she plays, makes her get that juicy pussy all wet. It makes me horny to see her playing with that wet hole while farting loud and clear. I got lost in that ass. Just imagining those foul-smelling farts, that sticky pussy.

Imagine what it is, coming home and have a woman like this, in socks, full of gases, all wet, waiting for you to eat her with all your strength. What a woman, what an ass, what asshole  that manages to give those phenomenal farts.