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AMIRAH Got slave to face farting


Amirah got a slave to play with.

A trapped slave, wrapped in plastic, with his hands tied. She, full of gases, smelling, dressed in lingerie and stockings. My god, how she abuses him.

She sits on top of him, taking advantage of his inability to escape (go, he wants to).

Forces him to lick that ass, to eat each fart. That tongue works that whole wet hole. It was an afternoon of abuse, forced to eat all farts. She loves face farting that slave. And that slave got a bone for sure.

She sits on that face, unloads all the gas she has and still dances with that ass in his face to force him to swallow all that gaseous love. What a kinky girl, great Amirah !!!

I want to be that slave with that hot girl face farting me. You must see how she moves that ass, how she farts